Welsh Flag in Wood: Handcrafted, Deeply Burned Art
Welsh flag made of new wood
  • Welsh flag made of new wood
  • Welsh flag made of new wood
  • Welsh flag made of new wood

Welsh flag

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Size (cm): 60x40
  • 60x40
Age of wood: New
  • New
  • Old
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The handmade wooden flag of Wales uses the Shou Sugi Ban technique for a deep tan and is then brushed, giving each piece a unique look and wood grain. We offer a choice between old wood with distinctive signs of use and new material for a clean look. Each flag is then hand-painted, which enhances its authenticity and adds a unique dimension. These flags not only reflect national pride, but also bring a bit of nature and artistry to your space.

Our wooden Welsh flag is the result of the traditional Japanese art of Shou Sugi Ban, which involves deep wood burning. This process not only brings out the unique texture and grain of the wood, but also ensures the longevity and protection of the surface.

The Welsh flag, with its distinctive colours of green, white and red, represents the rich history and cultural heritage of Wales. Careful brushing and finishing gives each flag a unique look that blends perfectly with different interior styles.

This flag is the perfect accessory for your home, office or any other space you want to enhance with a piece of Welsh national identity. It's also a great gift for lovers of Welsh culture or those who want to keep a reminder of their homeland always in sight.

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